Method 16: How to kill a mole or vole with a rodent torch


how to kill a mole with rodent torchOnce you have learned how to kill a mole or vole with this device … you will be rodent free within hours. However, this method comes at its price … is not friendly to the environment … and requires very strict safety guidelines. (It is actually forbidden in many places.)


How to kill a mole or vole using a rodent torch

Learning how to kill a mole, vole or gopher with a rodent torch is quite easy: The device lets you insert a mixture of oxygen and propane gas into the burrow via one of its holes. The gas is then ignited via an electric ignition button … causing an explosion. This will not only kill the rodents but also destroy some of the burrow system. This process is then repeated approx every 15 ft (5 m).


How effective is this method short and long term?

While it’s not difficult to work out how to kill a mole or vole this way … can a rodent blaster really resolve your mole, vole or gopher problem?

  • Short term: Yes, if done thoroughly.
  • Long term: Even though the rodent torch destroys a large part of the burrow … the animals are likely to return eventually.


Is this method expensive?

Yes. Even the cheapest rodent blaster will set you back over a thousand $ (or € or £).

On top of this you have the ongoing costs for the oxygen and propane gas bottles.


How much effort does this method involve?

This is one of the rodent control methods that require the least effort.


Environmental, animal and safety matters

The explosion will not only kill moles, voles and gophers  … but other animals in the area. (It is however a faster death than by poison … and there is no accumulation of chemical substances in the food chain.)

This is one of the potentially most dangerous rodent control method: The explosions are a real risk to humans and pets. It is paramount to follow the safety instructions carefully.


Summary of pro’s and con’s


  • Very effective to get rid of voles, moles and gophers
  • Very fast (rodent free in a few hours)
  • Low effort


  • Expensive
  • Environmentally unfriendly
  • Requires strict safety guidelines
  • (Forbidden in many areas)


For a complete overview over all 18 vole and mole control methods … see our page: “18 methods for getting rid of voles and moles



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