Method 11: How to kill moles and voles using only water


how to kill moles and voles using waterLearning how to kill moles, voles and gophers by flooding their burrow with water is simple. It’s also a cheap and requires little effort. However, this method is rarely effective … especially for larger areas and rodent populations. Even if it does work … it doesn’t take long for the animals to come back a few weeks later. The environmental impact is debatable.


How to kill moles and voles with water.

Explaining how to kill moles, voles and gophers with this method is very straightforward:

Their burrow system is flooded with water … usually by placing a hose pipe into a mole or vole hole. The duration required to leave the water running depends on the soil and the size of the burrow … but usually 30 – 60 minutes are more than sufficient. With big systems it may be worth repeating the effort at different spots … i.e. place the hose pipe into different holes for about 30 minutes each time.

If there are no visible holes … take off the soil from a few mounds to get access to the burrow. If the opposite is true and there are a more than 5 visible holes … you should cover them with a stone or similar to avoid giving the rodents too many escape routes.


How well does this method work?

If you have worked out well how to kill moles and voles by flooding their burrow … this method can work. Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee with this approach for the following reasons:

  • It’s difficult for the water to reach all areas of the burrow. This is especially true for large channel systems … or for light sandy soils where the water seeps away too quickly.
  • Even if the water does reach everywhere … the animals can often escape beforehand.

And there is of course the long-term effectiveness of this method: So even if you have figured out how to kill moles or moles successfully and drowned all of them … it usually doesn’t take long until they are back.


Is this method expensive?

No, the only cost you may have is water.


How much effort does this method involve?

The one-off effort is quite low unless you have to cover up many holes.

However … even if you know well how to kill moles and voles with this method … you will likely have to repeat it every few months.


Environmental, animal and safety matters

This method is generally safe for children and pets. The environmental impact can be debated: On the one hand you are killing the rodents and other animals in the process. On the other hand .. doing so with water is more environmentally friendly than other methods using poison, fumes or explosives.


Summary of pro’s and con’s


  • Fast & easy to do
  • Cheap


  • Usually not very effective
  • Never works long-term as rodents come back fast



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