Method 9: Natural mole killer – Can wild predators help your rodent problem?


natural vole and mole killerMany wild predators are an excellent vole or mole killer. They are also one of the most natural ways to control mole and vole populations. This method is safe, low effort and cost. Unfortunately though, wild predators alone will never get rid of all the rodents. Hence you will still need to use additional mole control methods described on this site.


How do predators act as a natural mole killer?

Wild predators such as birds of prey, foxes or badgers naturally feed on rodents. Therefore they are natural mole killers already … no need to teach them.


How effective is this method short and long term?

This very much depends on the situation. It works well where you already have large predator populations and a relatively low food supply for the rodents such as fields, parks or gardens.

On the other hand … in many urban or agricultural areas there are usually too many voles and moles … and not enough mole killers.  Furthermore, most of these natural mole killers don’t hunt close to gardens and houses. A key exception are barn owls that do often live near human settlements.

The issue with this method of mole and vole control is that it difficult your to do change or influence the current situation … it either works where you live or it doesn’t.


Is this method expensive?



How much effort does this method involve?

None or very little.


Environmental, animal and safety matters

Most people would consider this the most natural way to control rodent populations as wild predators have been natural mole killers ever since.

Nonetheless, predators still kill the moles and voles. So if you object to this altogether .. take a look at below 7 methods that do not harm the rodents all all. (Click on the method to get more detail on it.)

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Summary of pro’s and con’s


  • Most natural way to control rodent populations
  • Zero cost
  • No or low effort


  • Method is unlikely to be completely effective on its own in most situations
  • There is not much that an individual person can do to influence the overall wild predator population alone
  • You will still need to use additional mole/vole control methods




For a complete overview over all 18 vole and mole control methods … see our page: “18 methods for getting rid of voles and moles



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