Method 12: Vole and mole deterrent made from gravel


vole and mole deterrent soil amendmentGravel mixed into the soil is an effective vole and mole deterrent. It’s long-lasting and friendly to the environment and animals … as well as safe to children and pets. Unfortunately, it is probably the most expensive and highest effort way to deter voles and moles.


How can gravel act as a vole and mole deterrent?

The basis of this vole and mole deterrent is that the rodents don’t like digging through gravel. It is very tough for them to do this … so they will avoid these areas.

For this method to work … you will need at least 25% of gravel mixed into the soil. The required thickness of the gravel layer depends of the plants to be protected. For lawns, 2-4 in (5-10 cm) are sufficient … for plants you will need double or triple that.

The ideal size of the gravel is a mesh 3/4 in (2 cm). Bigger sizes are also possible … though less easy to work and not as good for the roots.

An added benefit of this vole and mole deterrent is that the quality of heavy and wet soils is also improved: The addition of gravel makes it looser and improves drainage.


How well does this method work?

If done correctly, this method is usually quite effective … especially long-term.


Is this method expensive?

Yes, this is one of the most expensive vole and mole deterrents. For new properties … costs are usually significantly smaller … if this work is done during the initial landscaping work.

On the positive side … after the one-off investment is done … there are no ongoing costs.


How much effort does this method involve?

As for the costs … the initial one-off effort is very significant. The amount of gravel needed to make this an effective vole and mole deterrent is big, even for small areas.

If the area has already been planted … there is an additional effort to remove and replant bushes and trees.

The ongoing effort is zero.


Environmental, animal and safety matters

Using gravel as vole and mole deterrent is one of the most environmentally and animal friendly methods. Unlike many other methods … no voles, or other animals and plants are harmed.

Once the work is done … there is no risk to kids or pets either.



Summary of pro’s and con’s


  • Effective long-term projection against voles and moles if done correctly
  • Friendly to animals and the environment
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Can improve general soil quality for clay and wet soils
  • Zero ongoing costs & efforts
  • Low effort to implement


  • Very expensive
  • High effort
  • Need to remove/replant existing vegetation


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